Sexy notebook skin

Decorate your own notebook

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With ‘sexy’ notebook skins you make your computer completely yours.
Choose a design in ‘your taste’ and stick it on your computer today.

Notebook skins also in Russia


Cyberbrothers is an international community of creative people, united by desire to create, to be heard and valued, and most importantly — to be among people with similar interests. Based in Russia and expanding rapidly mainly because the concept of the sharing amoung creative people (artists) via Internet is very nice and popular. Really? yes, go have a look and see what is on your hands. :
Contact them to get a CYBER brother notebook skin for your OWN notebook!

*Sexy notebooks skins are easy to stick and don’t leave marks.
*Installation instructions are on the back of the box.
*Be informed that the delivery time is minimal a week.
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