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Decorate your own notebook

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With ‘sexy’ notebook skins you make your computer completely yours.
Choose a design in ‘your taste’ and stick it on your computer today.

Notebookskin: Game SET Match


A notebook skin SET is even nicer than the standard notebook skin. This discovery was also experienced by Albine who didn’t know what a notebook skin set was until she saw the result on her own notebook. “It looks great! And now I have all the letters of my name: A-L-B-I-N-E at the back of my own notebook.”

Notebook is closed

Notebook is closed

A standard notebook skin covers the backside of a notebook nicely and creates a great personalized look. However, the people @, thought of a way to make the notebook look even more personalized by creating a skin for under the keyboard area near the touch pad. They have designed over thirty different of these pad skins.

Albine in action

Albine in action

*Sexy notebooks skins are easy to stick and don’t leave marks.
*Installation instructions are on the back of the box.
*Be informed that the delivery time is minimal a week.
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